Divine Healing

Do you Still Believe?

I went with a group from my church to a homeless ministry, Under The Bridge Ministry in Nashville to helpout. They have worship, prayer, hot food, and pass out clothing to all those who may need it. So I waited in line for my turn to help with the food and minister to one of the homeless waiting to find a seat. Up came Charlie. I must say I am very persistent and do not give up no matter what when trying to share the love of God and encourage those around me. I already was feeling some of the pain he was going through and was glad he wanted me to sit with him to talk. So in talking I began getting Words of Knowledge dealing with some of his hurt, however he was very reluctant to embrace it at all.

Never Give Up

So I pressed forward and I saw he kept coughing periodically. I inquired if he was sick or what was going on. He simply said I get shortness of breath. I knew then why God had set this appointment up! Backtracking, Charlie had not been to this particular ministry in over 2 years till this night and it happend to be my first night going with my church. Talk about Divine Appointments! So I told him well you can be healed tonight and get rid of that pain. I told him that is how much God loves you. He said I don’t really believe in laying on of hands and healing, that sort of thing. I recogonized immediately the enemy trying to creep in and take away his joy and the healing God had for him to come. So sharing with him some scripture and testimonies of what I have personally encountered myself, witnessed and experienced firsthand, Charlie said pointblank, do you really believe God can heal me? I said yes 100% without a doubt. So we prayed and I released healing into his body. I asked does it feel better now? He said well I won’t know till I go walking. I said ok, then does anywhere else on your body hurt? He said yes actually my sciatic nerve in my lower back hurts. I said well God can heal that now also. He did not at first want that prayed for because he felt he had to hold onto something to remind himself of the past. I told him God loves him too much and wants to take all the pain away. I told him that He is his comforter and will lead him along the way. Finally Charlie agreed for me to pray for his back. I asked him to stand up, so we could pray. We prayed and I released healing into his body, and while praying I could feel his back straighten up. I knew God just touched him. I asked after praying how does your back feel? He said the pain is gone! I said Hallelujah, God just healed you!


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