Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

This ministry of the Assemblies of God began in 1949. BGMC was originally organized to furnish much-needed literature for our missionaries. We also wanted to instill in our children a vision for missions. This year BGMC is 65 years old and to date have received from children, a total of $90,000,000! We now provide more than just literature to our missionaries. We help in all areas of ministry.

We set aside one Sunday a month as BGMC Sunday. Our children bring their change in little, yellow plastic barrels known as “Buddy Barrels.” On this Sunday, they are taught a lesson about a specific country and the missionaries who work there. In Mark 16:15 Jesus tells us to “go into all the world.” If we cannot go, we can pray, and we can give to those who can go. Our children here at Hope are a giving group of children. We are in the top 100 churches nationwide in our BGMC giving. Praise the Lord!

BGMC is a part of our children’s ministry at Hope Assembly. We are proud to be among the biggest givers to BGMC in Tennessee and the Nation!


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